The Purpose

“Don’t manage people. Manage a purpose”

When I initially thought about writing my first content, lots of ideas came to my mind to start with. But the theme which superseded every other option was “The Purpose”.

Why is that? Because, purpose should be a very important noun in the life of a person. There needs to be a reason why you do something or why something exists. As this is my first post, I will be pointing out the purpose of having a website but before that I would like to highlight my view on the purpose of life in very brief.

I am sure we are all on the same page when we believe that our lives have a purpose. What is that purpose? This we figure out in our journey of life where it is deeply embedded in our beliefs, our social interactions and our culture which we easily derive it from. Literally, in our belief in Islam, in order to purify, increase and bless your wealth or your health you need to ‘cleanse’ or in other words pay the zakat.

Taking this into consideration, it helps me to easily define one of my life’s main purposes. Here, the purpose is to use my experience from my own personal transformation to help transform and nurture the youth in the society. This will motivate me to write once in a while about a wide range of topical issues and talk about my experience or my perspective on that topic. I will also be writing about my experiences, observations and lessons I have learnt or I am about to learn on my business travels abroad. The slogan of “Once mentored, you will mentor others” should weigh on us to follow the tradition of our ancestors and mentors in advancing the chain of transformation to the people who will follow and come after us.

So, here an entrepreneurial culture thrives when it is easy to try lots of new ideas. The idea of a personal website should serve the following purposes for me;

  • It is an online resume and business card.
  • It’s a place for me to write, share and connect with like-minded people from all over the world.
  • Everything is going digital. To have a personal online presence and define that presence as well as my identity in the digisphere.
  • To share what I have gained from different people, places and phases.

We are living in a world which is full of possibilities. Tuning these possibilities into opportunities is attributed to those who have a burning desire to achieve something remarkable in their life. Surely, there are individuals all over the world in present and in history who changed the course of time through consistent hard work focused towards the great purpose of their lives.

I would like to thank my close circle of people who have motivated me to start with such an idea to transfer my perception on many things with blogs to a much wider audience.