Thank You Twenty20

As we are entering into a new year, once again I would like to take this opportunity to pass on my condolences to family and friends who lost their loved ones during the ongoing global corona virus pandemic. Wishing the ill ones patience, prosperity and a long, healthy life. As of today, since the outbreak started, almost 2 million people have passed away in the COVID-19 pandemic, with more than 100 million cases and massive damage to the global economy. Besides the pandemic, we have witnessed unforgettable and heartbreaking moments in Turkey, such as the earthquakes in Elazig and Izmir which took 158 lives, floods and forest fires which destroyed many homes and nature.

Earth was giving an alarm way back with global warming and other natural disasters around the world. I believe only the year 2020 showed us that the living standards of humans was not normal or sustainable. When we hope to go back to ‘normal’ soon, the question is that do we really need to go back to life before the pandemic? Was that really the ‘normal’ life that we were living? There is no way back to the old normal for sure, hence this is an opportunity for humans to start from scratch, to set the right direction for a new normal that is safe for our future world and generations to come.

This year has actually been an incredibly difficult year for almost everyone. Many people worldwide have lost their jobs, many have lost their loved ones. Yet, there are a few things to be thankful for, inspite of difficulties ranging from a global pandemic to social challenges and endless political issues. If we really reflect in a positive manner and look for the good, it is not difficult to find good things to be thankful for. Most importantly, at least every one of us realised the value of taking one single healthy breath. Besides, 2020 has made me realize the importance of many things in life that are in front of us, that are so valuable but that we do not see its value because of the speed of life that we are lost in. The very popular terms self isolation, quarantine and social distance which we all by force had to practice, have taught me more than I could imagine.

I have not tried yet, but people who practice deep yoga might be familiar with self isolation more than others. The pandemic has taught the experience of being physically isolated and quarantined from everything you loved and hated in normal life, is much needed to heal your state of mind and soul. Made us realize the importance of forging a relationship with our inner self and with others more harmoniously. Once we are able to realise that, we are on the way to leveling up success in life. During this period when the feeling of living through uncertainty is overbearing, the moment of isolation has forced us to reconnect with many things like mind, soul and heart, which you can not isolate from. It slowed the speed of life. Living a minimalist life, with less frivolous time and expenses has made us benefit our lives significantly.

Time is precious. Looking at the more positive side to 2020 is the amount of time spent with the family. People will appreciate time with the family more from now on, since we all have spent much more time than usual in an unexpected way. After the pandemic is over we may not have this opportunity again to spend as much time with family as we spent this year. The pandemic has forced everybody to lockdown and inspired us to again have family breakfasts, dinners and even play board games.

So this is why if I have to summarize this year in one single slang word it would be, hellacious. In a way astonishing, in other words very positive. Again, it also means overwhelming.

No one knows what 2021 will bring but whether it be less restrictions or even more social distancing- being grateful for the hardships of 2020 will prepare our mind and heart to combat whatever will come in this new year.

Let’s choose to be grateful for 2020. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!