About Me

I was born in Fatih, Istanbul in 1989 and was given my grandfather’s name. My fathers’ international investments and occupation required living in various countries around the world: I competed primary school in Rochester, New York, secondary school in Khartoum, Sudan and high school in Johannesburg, South Africa. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Monash University in South Africa and Malaysia. I completed Master’s degree in International Trade at Istanbul Ticaret University. Throughout this time, I have learned both English and Arabic languages.

My professional life began at MON Investment in Johannesburg, a company that takes pride in being a strong bridge between Turkey and African countries. My life has been intertwined with the African continent for as long as I can remember. My principal goal is to draw on my experiences in order to guide anyone who wants to develop diplomatic and economic relations between my homeland, Africa and Gulf countries. My entire professional life has been built around this goal. I have gained invaluable insights and experiences regarding African life and business culture over the years since my youth and have merged them under the umbrella of MON Investment. I have been the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company since 2017.

Entrepreneurship is extremely important for our country and with this awareness I decided to be among the founding partners of H₂O Invest, established in 2020. I also have the added responsibilities of being on the board at SENYAP Investment and partner at Aksan Consulting.

Other Business and Social Responsibilities

I also assume various tasks in professional organizations and NGOs.

  • Vice President of DEİK Sudan – Turkey Business Council
  • President of Diplomatic Relations at MÜSİAD
  • On the Board of Directors for Al Sharq Forum
  • On the Board of Directors for Forum Istanbul 2023 Conferences
  • On the Board of Directors for Association of Friends of Africa
  • On the Board of Directors for Adil Efendi Foundation